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What Clients Have To Say About Linda:


Nicole Forster | Group HR Manager | Ryman Healthcare:

In October 2013 we engaged Linda on a contractual basis to provide senior human resources support and advice to managers across our organisation in both New Zealand and Australia.


This was initially a 3 month contract which we delightfully extended following an exemplary period of service. Linda advised and supported our team at a senior level in a generalist capacity, encompassing employment relations advice and representation, recruitment support, policy drafting and mentorship of human resource advisors. This was all done to an exceptional standard, with a level of professionalism, skill, and efficiency that exceeded our expectations. It was an absolute delight to work with someone who was able to literally hit the ground running and practice at such a high level with speed, experience and knowledge in abundance. Linda is an incredibly capable and smart individual, well versed in employment and industrial relations, with the ability to build very effective and strong relationships instantly. The managers that had the opportunity to work with Linda were all extremely grateful and impressed with both the support they received and the way in which it was delivered.


We found Linda to be extremely personable and proficient, and would highly recommend her as a Human Resources and Employment Law Specialist.






Marion Archer | Executive Manager | McAlpines Limited Group of Companies:

Linda Penno, a highly skilled and professional employment law specialist, acts for and advises our group of companies, assisting our senior personnel to achieve positive outcomes. She supports us across collective bargaining, strategic advice, personal grievance representation and all aspects of employment documentation.


Linda fully understands our needs and gives practical advice to achieve excellent outcomes and resolutions, is highly motivated and passionate, reflected in her enthusiasm and commitment to achieve our best interests and commercial objectives at all times.


Linda offers us a real difference in employment matters and is highly recommended by our group.






Neal Shaw | Group Chief Executive Ofiicer | Ashburton Trading Society Limited:

The Ashburton Trading Society Ltd has utilised Linda Penno’s expertise in Employment law, HR, Training and Development for over the past 10 years. Linda is able to quickly identify the risks associated with all types of employment matters and concisely provide solutions to those issues while mitigating both reputational and financial risk for the organisation and the people involved in the various processes.

We have also used Linda to provide training in HR and performance review processes for our senior leadership team, this has enabled us to provide a more focused approach to this area of staff development. If you are considering your options regarding the contracting of a specialist in these areas I would not hesitate in recommending Linda to you.






Martin Harris | Chief Executive | Hawksbury Community Living Trust:

The Hawksbury Community Living Trust has engaged with Linda Penno (Johnston Penno) over the past 15 + years. Hawksbury currently employ 100 + staff across Dunedin and Christchurch supporting people with intellectual disabilities to live a life of choice. Linda has supported Hawksbury in recruiting the right staff at a management level, reviewing policy on recruitment, code of conduct, discipline and supporting Hawksbury in providing a healthy workplace along with acting for them with potential conflict situations, generally managing performance.

I/Hawksbury appreciate Linda’s direct approach and her ability to capture the current scene and offer advice with the appropriate direction of travel. Linda works extremely hard at building relationships with key personnel and facilitates great communication, by doing so placing people at ease when dealing with many difficult and varied situations in Human Resource Management.
Linda completely understands “Hawksbury Mission Vision and Values” and appreciates the needs of the people supported which greatly assists in dealing with the issues at hand.

Hawksbury truly value the relationship that has been built up over many years and look to see this continue for many years to come. Linda is a truly respected and valued member of the extended Hawksbury Team.